What’s on Alessandra Rinaudo’s mind? As Artistic Director of Pronovias, plenty!

Alessandra grew up surrounded fabrics and lace, tape measures and scissors, and has always had a passion for beauty, luxury and elegance.  Perhaps you could say she was born to be a bridal designer? 

Here’s the answer in her own words...

Alessandra Rinaudo

Growing up among lace and precious fabrics, in her mother’s bridal store, Alessandra Rinaudo, was surrounded by the elegance and refinement of bridal fashion. Her dream has always been to become a bridal designer and this desire came true when she founded Nicole Fashion Group. The international bridal scene immediately fell in love with her unique Italian style and her ability to innovate the tailoring tradition with contemporary shapes and unusual silhouettes. Being Pronovias Chief Artistic Officer is a dream come true for Alessandra.

01. When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Alessandra Rinaudo says: I think it was destiny because my grandmother was a seamstress. But I made the decision to become a designer later in life, after meeting a woman who truly inspired me.

02. Describe yourself in three words.

Loyal, a little moody… and a good friend!

03. Which historical character would you have liked to have dressed?

Alessandra replays: Lady Diana, because she was strong-willed, she broke the established rules and she did it with the power of love.

04. And a modern celebrity?

Emma Stone.

05. Could you tell us what type of dress it would be?

Alessandra Rinaudo doesn't doubt about it: It would be a modern dress for a modern woman.

Alessandra Rinaudo

06. Are you married?

Yes! I’ve been married for 27 years.

07. Did you design your own dress?

Alessandra afirms: Yes! It was a magical experience. I designed it and my seamstresses made it happen.

08. Would you get married in the same gown?

Of course! It was a beautiful princess-style dress with a long train and even longer veil!

09. What do you like the most about being the Pronovias Artistic Director?

Alessandra Rinaoudo replays happily: Most of all, I like the fact that Pronovias is an international company and that we are a multicultural team. And also my fantastic team of seamstresses that make all these beautiful ideas come true!

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